Providing Services to Chinese Investors in PAKISTAN
ISM International
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Welcome To
ISM International
Providing Services to Chinese Investors in PAKISTAN
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ISM International
Providing Services to Chinese Investors in PAKISTAN
Welcome To
ISM International
Providing Services to Chinese Investors in PAKISTAN
Providing Services to Chinese Investors in PAKISTAN
ISM International
Welcome To
Welcome To
ISM International
Providing Services to Chinese Investors in PAKISTAN

ISM International ISM International

ISM is a service oriented company. ISM was build mainly to provide all kind of services to the Chinese companies intending to work or invest in different projects in Gwadar as well as all over Pakistan.

China and Pakistan have enjoyed a long history of brotherly relations since its independence in 1948. Over the years our relations have grown sweeter than honey, higher than the highest mountains and deeper than the deepest sea.

Being IRON BROTHERS both decided to join the nations by building the Silk Route Karakorum Highway and now since China’s trade has increased, both Nations agreed on Mega Project of CPEC which includes development of roads, Railways network, Energy sectors and Industrial Zones starting from Gwadar to Xinjiang province of China.

Pakistan Economic corridor is a program which will not just be restricted to corridor but will generate economic opportunities much beyond the corridor.

Besides the projects which comes directly under CPEC a lot of Chinese investors are coming to Pakistan to invest in different fields and we have the capability as well as capacity to serve all.

Our team members have studied in China and are well aware of Chinese language & culture, this value added services under one roof will give an added benefit to our clients.


Our Services

Agriculture (Life stock & Fisheries)

Engineering & Architectural

Construction Support Services

Logistic Support

Event Management

Shipping, Customs Clearance, Freight Forwarding, Stevedoring

Investment Opportunities

Agriculture (Life stock & Fisheries)

Our Group under Aroma Oceanic (Pvt) Ltd has been involved in the fisheries sector of Pakistan since 1990.
We have been exporting fresh and frozen fish to China, Taiwan, Singapore, Hong Kong.
In the year 1995 to 97 we have been representing two state own companies of china, China National Fisheries and Beijing Fisheries Corporation for buying fish from Pakistan and exporting to China
We were the first to Bring Tuna Long liners from Japan and Taiwan to fish in the EEZ of Pakistani waters.
We have been operating 12 Tuna Long liners since 1998 till 2005 and were the only exporter of frozen Tuna to Japan. These Long Liners we have been operating under Aroma Oceanic (Pvt) Ltd, Poseidon Fisheries (Pvt) Ltd and Cyclob Fisheries (Pvt) Ltd.
We were the first to get 40ft Fiber Glass Fishing Trawlers (HAMZA) made in Pakistan. This Trawler was manufactured by the Pakistan Navy Engineers. This was the first specialized fishing Trawlers which had Long Lining Gear & Trawl net. We were the first to use fishing traps for Carbs and Lobster on this vessel. The Tuna caught by this vessel was fresh tuna exported by air to Japan.
Besides this Fiber Glass trawler, we had a fleet of small Fiber Glass fishing boats, this fleet was used to bring one-day catch by hook. This A grade fresh fish was exported to middle East, Singapore and Hong Kong the same day.
At present we are involved in the Sweet water fish ponds in different areas of Sindh province

Engineering & Architectural

Our sister concern, CG Consultants Group is Pakistan’s leading consultancy firm having experience of working on projects since 1987.
We offer all types of engineering, architecture, planning and management related services to all including Chinese companies in Pakistan who are either involved in the different projects under CPEC or are interested in various related projects.
We offer a wide range of services in the fields of design, Planning and project management. The area of operation includes Infra structure, Industries, Housing, Corporate buildings, Recreational facilities, Institutional buildings, Health facilities.
We have recently strengthened ourselves in energy, water, highways, bridges and other engineering projects.
The groups endeavor has always been to maintain high standards in the services rendered.

Construction Support Services

We can provide all the material / Machinery used
in the construction business.
Construction Material includes: –
Crushed stone Bricks/cement blocks
Cement/Sand Concrete mix
Wood Iron/Steel
Pipe fittings Fixtures/fittings/floorings
Hand tools
Construction Machinery includes: –
Excavators Loaders
Dozer Grader
Scraper Compactors

Logistic Support

ISM International is a company which provides all sorts of Logistic support specially to the overseas business groups.
Our services include:
a) Local purchase
b) Arranging Skilled and non skilled labour
c) Arranging of Transport, car, Bus, Jeep for desert/mountainous region.
d) Arranging Air travel for international/inland travels
e) Charter small planes for inland travel
f) Transportation of Material, Machines / equipment
g) Repair and maintenance of Heavy machinery
h) Undertake security and Patrolling duties
i) Procurement of Office equipment
j) Preparation of Logistic plans to support all relevant operations within the project.
k) Can provide a full flesh furnished office with all the office equipment with local staff if needed, ready to start working immediately after landing.

Event Management

Our Sister concern East Avenue Event Management, LLC,UAE is UAE and Pakistan based companies working for numerous related programs.
We arrange Seminars, Conferences, Symposium, Workshops, Brand Activation, Marketing and Trade shows.
We provide complete solutions and organize these events by giving total solution to all.

Those Chinese companies who are interested in arranging
these events don’t have to look for an Event Management
company as these are all done in house.

We have been arranging such events for local organizations like

For these events we can arrange space in Hotels, Halls /parks
depending how big they want it to be and advertisements in
local papers and magazines can be arranged.

In short we can organize these events from start to end

Shipping, Customs Clearance, Freight Forwarding, Stevedoring

The Chinese companies coming to Pakistan for different Projects are bringing their machinery and equipment from China and they are having a lot of problems for clearing their goods from the customs.
Our group has a vast experience of handling the stuff on the Port and are very well aware of the customs laws rules and regulations.
Besides Custom Clearance we can handle the goods on the Port starting from Offloading from the vessel to transportation to the site.
I have seen Chinese companies running from Poste to Pole for getting their stuff cleared and transportation to site.
With our company we would make sure that they don’t come out of their office and they get their goods in time.
Besides this their main problem of Language would be solved.

Investment Opportunities

This is for the Chinese companies who are interested in investing in Gwadar Port. We have lands at a very important location at Gwadar for development of real state projects for example
a, Mix commercial development
b, Infrastructure development
c, Hotel, Housing, service apartment etc.
We also have a big chunk of land just outside/ adjacent to Gwadar port, we are looking for a Chinese company for Joint Venture to build container storage facility, warehousing and related fields.

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